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Hosted by Saqib Tahir

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Career content and Business advice often doesn’t translate to success.

Simply because most of it is irrelevant to your location, your situation, or your capabilities.

Talent is distributed evenly, but opportunity is definitely not – being from Pakistan, I learned that the hard way.

Seeing the lack of accessible guidance on what matters to people not so opportune – I decided to build this up.

The goal of this platform is to enable you with accessible information voiced from passion to help you succeed.


Unlock Growth never seen before with tried and tested resources. Unlike most templates on the internet; these come with real examples. And guides you on implementation, not just imitation.

Unlock Access to practical knowledge and actionable advice that will transform you. Take action based on real experiences in my career as a Product Manager, Business Owner, and a Mentor.

Unlock Scale by collaborating with like-minded professionals. A small group focused around getting personalized support. Push your skills to the next level with 1 on 1 mentoring. Limited slots available.

Business Freelancing The Wandering Pro

Why Niching Down Should Matter To You

If you want to grow as a Freelancer or a Small Business - niching down is the best way to scale. See the thing is,...
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Business Resources The Wandering Pro

Kit+Video: Competitor Analysis and Market Research Template

Today's topic - How to do Competitor Analysis and Market Research. Welcome to another free resource for The Wandering Pros. My mission is to help...
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Freelancing The Wandering Pro

Mastering Upwork – Top Questions Answered

So it’s finally time - the time everyone warned me about when I started writing coaching and mentoring content. The time to sell an Upwork...
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The Wandering Pro

The Deal With Ideals

It would be ideal if this year• I made 10k$/month• Got 1000s of views on my articles• Had 100s of people in my discord• Be...
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Business Resources The Wandering Pro

Kit+Video: Project Requirement Documentation for Web Design/Dev Agencies and Freelancers

What sets an Agency charging 30 USD/hr apart from one charging 100 USD/hr? – Process;  Improving processes to provide more value is a long journey. Today's...
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All efforts on SK NEXUS are passion led – the best way to keep the show running is by showing up. Thank you!

Consumer Electronics Nexus

OnePlus 11: Best Flagship of 2023 That Will Fail in Pakistan

Tech reviews don't do a good job of telling why OnePlus 11 is such a good deal, especially in Pakistan, learn about it here!
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Consumer Electronics Nexus

2021 Year in Review – Top Tech Trends of Mine

What makes 2021 different is that the tech industry has seen massive shifts recently due to the pandemic within a short amount of time. A...
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Nexus Software

Why Are All Tech Giants Turning Towards The Metaverse?

These days all conversations are revolving around the term Metaverse. And like most recent innovations, it's become a buzzword.  Let's agree that talking about the...
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Nexus Software

Are Robots Taking Over House Chores?

As time moves ahead I feel like we’re moving closer and closer to living the same futuristic lifestyle once portrayed by the robot in the...
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Nexus Software

Why Do You Need A Voice Assistant?

What is a Voice Assistant?  Why are they becoming more and more popular?  What utility do they provide for your business?  Well, to answer these...
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