The goal with these kits and videos is to help you get to the next level in your Career.

These resources will help you if:

  • You are a Freelancer and want to transition to a Services Business
  • You are an Agency and want to provide better value to your customers
  • You are still in corporate, and what to try some new opportunities

No matter the case, I will be building tools and resources for you to succeed with confidence.

Business Resources The Wandering Pro

Kit+Video: Competitor Analysis and Market Research Template

Today's topic - How to do Competitor Analysis and Market Research. Welcome to another free resource for The Wandering Pros. My mission is to help...
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Business Resources The Wandering Pro

Kit+Video: Project Requirement Documentation for Web Design/Dev Agencies and Freelancers

What sets an Agency charging 30 USD/hr apart from one charging 100 USD/hr? – Process;  Improving processes to provide more value is a long journey. Today's...
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And feedback and requests for more resources is always welcome as well.

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