5 – 25,000$ Lahori Trees

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5 – 25,000$ Lahori Trees

Show Notes

Yes you read that right, there is a tree, which costs 25,000 USD, and is a smart tree – planned to be planted in Lahore, this and much more in this week’s episode.

Hosted by Saqib Tahir and Khayyam Jafri

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Tech Ke Totkay

My experience with Windows 11 and why I switched back to Windows 11

  • Slower animations for common interactions
  • Multitasking issues with no support for separated window tabs
  • Rearranging the taskbar is not possible anymore
  • The start menu is not custom and can’t group apps
  • Extra steps for settings
  • Control panel still exists, settings like mouse speed and mic settings are harder to access
  • Game slowdowns with my existing installs


00:00 Intro
01:03 WhatsApp introduces its new disappearing messages feature   
03:40 Importance of WhatsApp for local businesses
06:46 Cons of the WhatsApp disappearing messages feature
09:50 WhatsApp end-to-end encryption
13:10 Amazon Web Services suffers an outage affecting platforms like Netflix
15:50 Google Playstore not working due to AWS downtime
17:40 Ubers introduces audio recording and ride check updates  
24:52 Tech Made Fun Podcast feedback rundown
27:43 Smart Trees in Lahore to control increasing pollution
29:10 The biggest challenge with smart trees implementation: Feasibility
32:50 Issues with plastic-free initiatives in Pakistan
37:44 Why Windows 11 has a bad user experience
43:25 Bad news for Google Chrome users who wish to switch to Windows 11
46:05 SK NEXUS Enablement Drive

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