9 – Ban Crypto, Save Pakistan

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9 – Ban Crypto, Save Pakistan

Show Notes

From discussing Pakistan Govt banning crypto, death of Blackberry to Theranos founder indictment – this and a lot more hot news on tech, we’ve covered it all on the 9th episode of Tech Made Fun.

P.S: This week’s episode again got delayed because of unforeseen circumstances, hoping to catch back up with everything in the next episode.

Hosted by Saqib Tahir and Khayyam Jafri

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00:00 Intro
00:53 Pakistan Government decides to ban crypto in Pakistan
05:17 The basics of crypto
06:47 Drawbacks of banning cypto in Pakistan
20:47 Blackberry is officially discontinued
21:15 Apple crosses 3 trillion dollar market evaluation
25:08 Samsung showcases its new TV remote that uses radio waves to charge at CES 2022
28:06 Realme Introduces its Most Premium Flagship Realme GT 2 Pro
29:47 Why is RAM called Random Access Memory
29:47 Why is RAM called Random Access Memory
33:10 Elizabeth Holmes founder of Theranos found guilty
35:40 Was Theranos a scam?
39:37 Pakistani startup providing Free WiFi service to cafes, restaurants etc
44:24 New technology parks being set up in Pakistan
47:10 Covering DevNation’s project Study Now, Pay When You Land a Job
57:38 Apple AirTags being misused by a criminal syndicate in Canada
1:00:51 Can you buy a 20,000 laptop?

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