TWP 007 – Validating Your Value – The Missing Piece Behind Becoming Irreplaceable in Your Career

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SadaPay Layoffs Info: Sheet Link | Please refer to 27:58 as to why this is here.

People understand the concept of providing value but seldom understand how to validate it. You work day and night being the best asset, but when the time comes, you’ll just be another headcount on the chopping block. In today’s episode I want to cover how to build a strong base, which can ideally make you irreplaceable at any job…or better yet irresistible for any new opportunities.

Hosted by Saqib Tahir
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0:54 – What is Value?
3:42 – Issues in Pakistani culture related to Value
4:21 – Risk of not Validating your Value
5:31 – How to Validate yourself
5:57 – Purpose of The Wandering Pro Podcast series
6:18 – Don’t work hard, work smart
6:56 – How to combine Value and Validation
7:32 – Step 1: Build your network
8:34 – Identifying the right people
8:59 – Intention of network building
9:32 – My Example: Making network in Tech Support
10:52 – Step 2: Asking the right questions
11:59 – My Example: How I leveraged good questions
12:37 – Why knowledge curation is important – call back to episode 5
13:04 – Step 3: Get feedback and set goals
13:42 – Why goal setting is important
13:56 – My Example: How goals helped me grow
14:38 – How working smarter is better than working harder
15:28 – Working smarter doesn’t mean you work less, just different
16:32 – Step 4: Documenting your work
17:07 – Journaling your work
17:57 – Gathering data helps you find patterns
18:25 – My Example: How my documentation habits made me solve for the company
19:57 – Step 5: Providing solutions to the company
21:32 – How my passive efforts helped me escape calls
22:20 – I was an illegal citizen where I worked
22:34 – Summary: How to validate your value
23:41 – Don’t blame the environment, do it because it is what valuable people do
24:22 – The All In strategy
26:46 – Value goes both ways
27:58 – In the car segment: Layoffs at SadaPay and How Acquisitions work

English Transcript Summary: Coming Soon….

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