14 – Vision 20…24

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14 – Vision 20…24

Show Notes

The podcast makes a return – 2 years later. In this much anticipated episode we go over the much anticipated product by Apple – the Apple Vision Pro (saying Apple is must, no joke).

Hosted by Saqib Tahir

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Main Topic Highlights

Apple Vision Pro reviews are in.

Spec highlights:

– Apple M2 chip for OS and graphical processing
– Apple R1 chip for camera, sensors, and microphones processing
– Per eye 4k display – 3-4 feet focus distance
– Spatial audio system
– 3D cameras
– 2-3 hours of battery life
– Optic ID iris scanning
– More than a dozen camera and sensors
– 3,500 USD starting price

Following are references for you to read

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Apple’s website stating out of USA terms – Read FAQs bottom of page

Important PSA for Pakistani audiences with a hole burning in their pocket willing to buy Apple Vision Pro is in the episode. Please listen through to be aware of the caveats of being a Pakistani Apple Vision Pro owner – timestamp 15:15

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