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It’s no question that the best way to skill up is in company of others with similar goals.
That’s why I decided to create The Wandering Pro Discord community.

  • A home for like minded folks pursuing professional excellence
  • A home for folks with passion as their drive
  • A home for folks who want to learn and collaborate with others

But here’s the catch – I don’t want ‘everyone’ to just take all the effort for granted.

The group is super small and super limited, and yet it’s more active than communities of 10x the size.

Reason? – We have a gated process to let folks in. Or folks who are willing to support the SK NEXUS mission.

Now maybe, down the road this approach may change, but for now, here is what you can expect from the Discord Community:

Working with Accountability

The perks of being in a small group is hyper collaboration. I will personally work with you to help you clear roadblocks with your tasks. The benefit of this group is access to people who want you to succeed – while having some fun along the way.

Home for Not ‘Just Work’

The number one reason most ‘work’ focused communities die out is because no one focuses on balance. Everyone is human, and noone wants to just talk work all the time.

Our server promotes sharing your thoughts on all things that make life a little bit interesting.

Resources You Can Count On

Upon joining you can instantly get access to hundreds of resources and tools that have already been shared to help you become a better Professional. All resources are hand picked and tested before they are sent out to any one. And you can pitch in ones based on your experiences along the way.

What is Expected of You?

The group is small but mighty, and if you get in, you have to be an active member. We work together on a daily basis and are always open to discussions – whether its work or whether it’s the next game you want to play.

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