TMF 018 – SadaPay No More Sadda Pay – The Fintech Landscape in Pakistan

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Fintech has established itself as a permanent fixture in the Pakistani financial landscape, and its continued success relies on our collective efforts. The recent developments surrounding Sadapay being acquired, coupled with other industry advancements, have compelled me to highlight a crucial issue: the role tech enthusiasts play in shaping the future of fintech. In this episode, we’ll explore ways to collectively improve the future of technology and ensure its positive impact on our world.

Hosted by Saqib Tahir
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2:28 – Intro to Today’s Topic
2:56 – News of SadaPay getting acquired by Papara
5:26 – Banking situation in Pakistan
7:18 – Introduction to EMI – Electronic Money Institution Style banking in Pakistan
9:42 – Why SadaPay and NayaPay succeeded
11:11 – The hypocrisy of us Tech Enthusiasts
14:15 – Why we need to support startups
16:00 – What is TAM? Total Addressable Market
17:08 – Intro to BaaS – Banking as a service
18:28 – Why we need to digitize financially
20:52 – After show: My financial setup and launch of a new podcast

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