11 – Truth Behind Trump’s App

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11 – Truth Behind Trump’s App

Show Notes

The world has a new the best, the most amazing, the greatest App – learn why you should care and why Trump isn’t in over his head. This and much more in today’s episode of Tech Made Fun.

Hosted by Saqib Tahir and Khayyam Jafri

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Trump Social Media App

Pixel Bugs update

Samsung is the best OS now?

Samsung S22 release

Facebook sees the biggest dip on the stock in All American Tech History

DAO Proptech continues to grow

EMPG invests in Dafterkhwan

Government health program that actually works

Russia-backed hackers behind powerful new malware, UK and US say


01:07 Intro
00:23 Donald Trump launches his own social media app called Truth Social
03:43 Is Trump’s Truth Social app getting the right traction?
10:25 Has Google Pixel 6 failed as a contemporary smartphone?
11:52 How has Samsung beaten its competitors to become the best android OS?
14:15 Taxes in Pakistan drastically affect the smartphone market
20:48 Facebook loses $250 billion in the biggest dip on stock in All American Tech History
25:00 Facebook groups might be the only valuable feature in Facebook now
33:08 DAO Proptech scaling to new heights
39:45 Forces behind zameen.com invest in Dafterkhwan coworking spaces
45:46 What does the Sehat Sahulat Program launched by Govt Pakistan offer?
51:06 Russia moves onto cyberattacks on Ukraine such as DDOS attack
55:17 The problem with fake discounts being offered by e-stores in Pakistan
1:01:52 Ragpickers in Islamabad selling tech gadgets

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