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The only Podcast in Pakistan diving deep into Career and Business “for you”. Get real experience based mindset unlock content, helping you upskill your career or upscale your business.

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Career content and advice often doesn’t translate to success.

Simply because most of it is irrelevant to your location, your situation, or your capabilities.

Talent is distributed evenly, but opportunity is definitely not – being from Pakistan, I learned that the hard way.

Seeing the lack of accessible guidance on what matters to people not so opportune – I decided to build this up.

The goal of this platform is to enable you with accessible information voiced from passion to help you succeed.

People are less worried about getting hired at Meta or Google, and more worried about earning a comfortable living wage.

People are less worried about becoming the next billionaire, and more worried about meeting the bare minimum.

And that’s the harsh reality.

So join me as a wanderer, together we can experience
Written Insights based on what works rather than best practices
Execution Ready Tools that gets you results on top of direction
A Specialist Community working towards the goal of professional excellence

– hope is not a strategy, but one can hope to grow together.

And Always, Remember –

Not all who wander, are lost
Not all that glitters, is gold


Unlock Growth never seen before with tried and tested resources. Unlike most templates on the internet; these come with real examples. And guides you on implementation, not just imitation.

Unlock Access to practical knowledge and actionable advice that will transform you. Take action based on real experiences in my career as a Product Manager, Business Owner, and a Mentor.

Unlock Scale by collaborating with like-minded professionals. A small group focused around getting personalized support. Push your skills to the next level with 1 on 1 mentoring. Limited slots available.

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