The Deal With Ideals

It would be ideal if this year
• I made 10k$/month
• Got 1000s of views on my articles
• Had 100s of people in my discord
• Be the best PM in Pakistan?

The funny thing is – these ‘targets’ are not realistic.

These are ‘Ideals’
These are meant to be impossible

until a certain point

And if someone tells you to never compromise on your ideals –
• They either got extremely lucky
• Or forgot where they came from

The problem with success is that people often forget the rough path they took to get there.
And people on the outside never understand the pain one goes through.

In a line of work where you are constantly striving to be better and be validated.
You ARE constantly going to fail and have to settle for less.

But here’s the thing
Your ‘Less’ is way more than what ‘Most’ put up as their ideals.

Setting high ideals will hurt you when you are not at your best.
It will make you feel like an imposter all year long.

But setting high ideals also pushes you to do the max possible.

At the end of the day what makes the difference is the same damn thing you read on every article – consistency.

Be that consistently setting targets you can’t meet every year.

Do you like setting unrealistic goals – only to never meet them?
+1% better than nothing, right?

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