Be More than a Manager!

Been at your job for more than 5 years?

Then keep reading…

Individual Contributor vs Manager

If you are not in Pakistan, go read this:

That’s it, problem solved.

But if you are in Pakistan,

Let’s be honest, there aren’t many IC roles around here, right?

You have to become a Ma-nayyy-jarr (Manager) or sit at your current role of Senior Pro Max Developer getting paid slightly better than the Junior Mini Developer.

People who don’t want to manage, and just want to pursue expertise in their technical skill set, have no way out.

What ends up happening, you give in, become a manager, and there begins a long path to complacency and constant disdain with your career.

But what if I tell you there is another path now?

Go Solo, freelance, consultant, whatever term makes you wiggle.

It is true that the local market is still very restrictive with opportunities, but due to the magic of the internet and the silver lining of the pandemic, remote roles are now much more accessible to many industries, not just development or design.

So how do you start?

Well, if you follow me long enough I will share the blueprint behind everything I do as a Solo turned consultant freelancer contractor — you get the idea

But if you don’t have the time or the room in your heart to show love (JK) — here are some things to consider exploring:

1 — Define your expertise and prepare a project database — when going global, nobody cares what company you worked at, they care what you did there

2 — Create an easily accessible portfolio, use a free tool like and put everything on it , my link is here -> if it inspires you

3 — Prepare a pitch for your services and/or work

4 — Start reaching out to people

a — Linkedin to start out with

b — Join relevant Slack/Discord groups and do it there as well

c — Start engaging with online forums/communities

(haha you were expecting a list of websites weren’t you? I try to be unique…..)

Once you do this for long enough (shouldn’t take more than 6 months for the willing) — you will now have enough material, practice, and confidence to start applying for actual remote positions.

“Insert list of websites” or just google ‘remote job’ platforms, save me the hassle, there are plenty out there.

Execution is the biggest challenge.

You need a better approach
For better opportunities

In the end,

You will either be a Ma-nayyy-jarr
Or you will be a, well not a Ma-nayyy-jarr

And if you say but what about ‘job security’? and ‘perks’

get real please — maybe I’ll talk about that another day