The Biggest Problem In The World

No company in the world has figured out a solution to this problem

Governments, Corporations, Cults, Groups — everyone has always struggled with the ever-evolving issue:

“People Problems”

Sounds simple? I mean you can define it pretty simply as well? But can you solve them?

Elon put a rocket into space, but couldn’t get users to keep using Twitter

People are complex, and there is no easy fix to meet everyone’s wants

  • No matter how much you write, someone is going to hate your content
  • No matter how much you teach, someone is going to call you stupid
  • No matter how much you work, someone is going to call you lazy
  • No matter how much you succeed, someone is going to point a failure in you

The takeaway is, you can’t satisfy everyone

have a larger vision, a bigger goal

I work in a very engaged client-facing role, day in and day out, I have to listen to people and their problems:

  • I have to control their conversations
  • I have to be the bearer of bad news
  • I have to retaliate to their demands
  • I have to constantly educate them

It gets tiring, but what has helped me overcome everything is one simple thing — I want to be of help, in any way I can

Sounds stupid and cliche, but talking is one thing, walking is another

  • Calling Elon an egomaniac is easy, running multi multi-billion dollar companies is not
  • Calling Mark Zuckerberg an alien is funny, having 2 billion people using your platforms is not
  • Calling Sundar an Indian export is convenient, having the world’s internet rely on you is not

If you want to get to a high enough level in life, just remember, you will never solve people’s problems

You can only solve for people’s needs

Keep true to your vision

Set your goals accordingly

Haters gonna hate lol