Why Professionals Fail

You fail to grow as a Professional, because

– You don’t have a portfolio
– You don’t document your work
– You fail to bring up your successes when asked
– You fail to show your greatness when it matters

But hear me out

Writing a portfolio and documenting your work is often romanticized and overcomplicated by the SEO-driven articles out there on the net webs, it doesn’t have to be.

Here is what I want you to do, going forward, for every week, for a year, write down these 5 lines of information:

Template –


1- Project Tech Stack: Write everything related to the tech stack and the application for the project

2 — Client Details: Company Name, Point of Contact, Website

Work Highlight:

3 — Detail 3 aspects of the work you have done in the past week

4 — To make it to the list, there needs to be a clear action and result to the item

5- The items in this list should focus on your personal contribution

Example –

Week of June 26, 23

1 — Project Tech Stack: Node JS/Backend, Nest JS/Framework, Prisma ORM, PostgreSQL, Swagger, AWS EC2

2 — Client Details: Express Apps, Elon Musk/CEO, spacenext

Work Highlight/Past Week:

3 — Developed the framework to calculate users lost on the platform per the decision made by the CEO

4 — Implemented a quick fix for misidentified human users scrapping the Twitter feed

5 — Wrote this line for people who cannot take a joke

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Do this for a year, and you will have a goldmine ready to go whenever asked to show your work, pick your favorites over the year, compile them on a page, and now you are above 90% of the pros out there.