Are You Really Skilled?

Sitting at Quetta cafes and sipping my 8 cups of daily tea I often overhear people talking about upskilling in “insert whatever the fad is going on (currently AI)” to ‘make more money’ — since I am based in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, most of these people have something to do with IT/Tech/Dev

My perspective (relative to where I live) dictates that just learning a new skill (especially a hard/technical skill) won’t make you any more money

The biggest skill we as Pakistani professionals lack is

The skill to sell a skill (quite a mouthful — but fun)

And until you can’t sell your skill, maybe you aren’t skilled at all

If more people focus on selling their existing skills better rather than learning a new trendy skill, they will end up making more money in most cases.

Now I am not against upskilling, in fact this post is a way of me trying to get better at writing these posts — but the fact is that

skills alone won’t get you more money
goals alone won’t make your plans work
money alone won’t make you successful

you need to learn to sell, build a system, and find better aims

just my 2 cents? rs?