Keep Learning as a Professional

Why do people just suck at learning new things?

They are not willing to fail, for a very, very, very, long time

I have been on a bit of a binge recently, just consuming creator and entrepreneur mindset content, (Thanks to Lex Fridman, Colin and Samir, Nilay Patel, Chris Do) — and the one thing that everyone clearly understands is:

You need to be humbled

You are going to fail at things when you start, you need to get comfortable with it

Years ago, I had no software background

Now I manage teams working on projects worth way more than I would have ever imagined

Years later,

– I fail at writing

– I fail at getting my ideas out there

– I fail at being my own boss


– I fail at being the best Product Manager out there

But as Giannis puts it, failures are just steps toward success.

Keep on failing!