How Can You Ever Afford A Mentor?

Mentors and Coaches are important
But most of us can’t afford them

I replied to a Chris Do tweet today and that made me think:

This is a really complex supply/demand issue

The gist of it is:
– People who become mentors/coaches professionally want to make good money because their work is valuable — so they sell it to the highest bidder (usually West)
– People who want coaches and mentors, usually aren’t in a spot to ever afford them, especially in low-income areas like Pakistan

It is easy for me to say that hey if you want to learn you need to pay up

However, I am in a privileged position, because of being in tech. An industry where location doesn’t matter as much.

But with the average person and the average business, there’s just too much on their plate (see attached image)

Affordability is relative, but it is also the harsh truth for many — someone who is paying 50 bucks for their rent can’t just go pay 50 for a course, the value does not equate in their head.

The solution to this perhaps?

There needs to be inflation-adjusted pricing from more coaches and mentors, Justin Welsh and Zeeshan Syed recently had massive discounts on their courses making them much more accessible


I think that is still not enough

What are we left with meanwhile?

– Learn from free resources — as much as you can
– Pay it forward — as much as you can
– Help anyone who reaches out — as much as you can

Charge the people that can afford
Provide to the people in need

Source (the closest to ground reality I managed to find):