Let’s set some goals — What do I want to do with my content?

Update: This post was written to address content on thewanderingpro.com which is no migrated over to https://sknexus.com/the-wandering-pro/

Now a post like this is very early for what I am setting out to do, but for me having a vision and a mission in all ventures of life is very important.

Since the purpose of this medium is to be public about my actions, here is my thought process.

One of the mantras I live by is, Passion and Profit, everyone has a different take on it –

Mine is to divide your efforts between each, efforts that are cohesive. With enough time you can follow your passion fully producing enough profit to sustain it through end of life.

Chapter 1: Passion to share knowledge

I have had a very blessed career progression so far, some might even say I got lucky.

But I really think I have a lot to share when it comes to developing the mindset of professionals around me.

See the thing on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter is, most career advice just simply does not apply to people living in Pakistan (and other low-income regions).

see: https://livingcost.org/cost/pakistan/united-states

95% of what is said here can be thrown out of the window because it won’t really provide any actionable info.

People are less worried about getting hired at Meta or Google, and more worried about earning a comfortable living wage.

People are less worried about becoming the next billionaire, and more worried about meeting the bare minimum.

And that’s just the harsh reality.

I can’t promise success to everyone, but as someone who wants to stick around here, earn here, and share here — I can show my process and hopefully, people can add their flavors to it.

My goal is to give career advice:

– grounded in reality
– accessible to the masses
– actionable by the willing

Chapter 2: Profit helps you do better, do more

The other half — profiteering (or just making money).

Honestly speaking of where I am right now, I am doing fine.

I live a low-maintenance lifestyle, and I am just focusing on being a better Product Manager and a Business Consultant.

The goal is that my process with the first chapter will help me gain authority and that should hopefully open more doors for me.

That being said though

If the vision is to help the most around me, it does cost to get there.

So the plan is that alongside, I will work on my Advisory line of earning, improve my website and personal branding, and write more about my own professional skillset where possible.

I have been in the tech industry for almost two decades now, a lot for my age

– I have seen hundreds of videos
– I have listened to thousands of pods
– I have read millions of words

All that, adds up, to someone like me

someone with unmatched perspicacity in any realm of technical endeavor (wink wink)

My aim is to help businesses:

– use their tech more effectively
– develop their products better
– work with their teams more efficiently

Passion keeps me sane, Profit keeps me going

Fin: What matters most?

Consistency –

This is not the first time I have set out to do something larger than myself, but this time, I want to get comfortable admitting my future failures (if they happen).

So if you believe in my vision, please poke holes in my mission — this can only get better with feedback.

Keep exploring!