Say No, Without Saying ‘No’

Stop saying YES! to EVERYTHING

Yes to deadline changes
Yes to change requests
Yes to scope creeps
Yes to extra miles
Yes to exploitation

As Project Managers, Developers, Designers, and Creatives — especially when starting out — we want to say YES! to everything,

What ends up happening?

1 — You fail to deliver

2 — The client gets dissatisfied

3 — You get blamed for poor service

So next time before blindly saying yes, get better at the foundation of excellent client management:

– Documentation: Ensure you have a well-documented project/task in place

– Communication: Learn how to effectively convey information on paper and on the record

– Planning: Learn to prioritize and plan in the back of your head through and through

Just knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to say will make you more valuable as a partner to your clients.

Learn to say No without saying ‘NO’

Sounds cliche?

Try it next time. Instead of saying Yes, bring the client back to the source of truth (your documentation), put focus on the plan, and communicate with logic, empathy, and reasoning.