Kit+Video: Project Requirement Documentation for Web Design/Dev Agencies and Freelancers

What sets an Agency charging 30 USD/hr apart from one charging 100 USD/hr?

– Process; 

Improving processes to provide more value is a long journey. Today’s focus will be on one important aspect – documentation.

Small Agencies and Freelancers suffer from poor documentation.

People fail to document work properly, leading to:

– Client’s to scope creep without bounds
– Client’s not seeing value in you
– Poor project execution without a source of truth

Enter – my first ever Info Product? Lead Magnet? Something something.
A ‘template’ – that will help you, level up your documentation, for your clients.

Unlike most templates out there, this one provides

– A proven format that worked for over 100 projects and 200 clients
– A filled sample demonstrating how to apply the template to real projects
– A 10+ minute video guide explaining how to maximize the template’s effectiveness

Come to think of it, it’s a mini crash course in PRD writing.

You can go ahead and Google ‘Project Requirements Document’ and be blasted by irrelevant results that won’t ever help you improve. All the PRD/SRS/SOW/MSA docs you will find, are likely not tailored to your offering.

Hence this template exists.
Curated, proven, and effective for your Web Design and Development project needs.

It’s for you if:

– You’re a Freelancer looking to lock down a predictable scope with your clients
– You’re an Agency wanting to level up your project documentation to provide more value
– You’re looking to improve your project management skills with organized documentation

As a Freelancer or an Agency, having the right documentation is your key to success.

Get the tool kit now and:
– Cater to your clients and deliver projects that exceed their expectations.
– Provide more value than anyone else in your field.
– Gain predictable project scope and avoid costly surprises.
– Level up your project documentation and impress potential clients.

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