Knowledge by Experience

SK NEXUS started as my passion project – passion to share knowledge based on experiences.

There’s a severe gap for content that is relevant to the people around me and I wanted to help fill that need.

Years ago, it started as a simple blog – years later, it’s evolving to cover more.

Join me, as we make space for better knowledge when it comes to tech, career, and business – while having some fun on the way.


It’s no question that the best way to skill up is in company of others with similar goals.
That’s why I decided to create The Wandering Pro Discord community.

  • A home for like minded folks pursuing professional excellence
  • A home for folks with passion as their drive
  • A home for folks who want to learn and collaborate with others

Business The Wandering Pro

Casing Up Your Portfolio – Don’t Show, Do Tell – A Case Study

Got a portfolio site? Great! - do you know what you missed out on? Especially, if you are a dev or a designer - you...
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The Wandering Pro

The Attempt Trap

Tell me if you've heard this I did 'X' - but it didn't work out - so now I am gonna try 'Y' The 'Attempt...
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Career The Wandering Pro

Value and Validation

There is only one way to keep growing in your career Provide more value You provide more value for what you take home - and...
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Freelancing The Wandering Pro

Limit of Upwork

30 USD/hour is your limit as the top freelancer That is what the top of the top are making on Upwork Over the past while...
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Freelancing The Wandering Pro

Getting Lucky on Upwork

Early success on any platform relies on two factors - PreparationExecution You can go online and learn about succeeding on any platform. But generally speaking,...
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