Knowledge by Experience

SK NEXUS started as my passion project – passion to share knowledge based on experiences.

There’s a severe gap for content that is relevant to the people around me and I wanted to help fill that need.

Years ago, it started as a simple blog – years later, it’s evolving to cover more.

Join me, as we make space for better knowledge when it comes to tech, career, and business – while having some fun on the way.


It’s no question that the best way to skill up is in company of others with similar goals.
That’s why I decided to create The Wandering Pro Discord community.

  • A home for like minded folks pursuing professional excellence
  • A home for folks with passion as their drive
  • A home for folks who want to learn and collaborate with others

The Wandering Pro

Solving The Struggle With Inspiration

In your career — a day will come — your inspiration will dry out - You will struggle to learn more- You will fail to...
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Freelancing The Wandering Pro

Are You An Unethical Freelancer

This might ruffle some feathers. As someone who has tiptoed in and out of freelancing in my career, one thing became obvious. You can only...
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Career The Wandering Pro

Why Professionals Fail

You fail to grow as a Professional, because - You don’t have a portfolio- You don’t document your work- You fail to bring up your...
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The Wandering Pro

Having a Money Mindset

You still don’t understand money A simple question What is money worth? Money is worth based on how much someone is willing to pay The...
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Career The Wandering Pro

Be More than a Manager!

Been at your job for more than 5 years? Then keep reading… Individual Contributor vs Manager If you are not in Pakistan, go read this:
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