Remote Work, How To Get Set Up (Covid Wave 3)

Covid-19 has quite literally changed the way the human lifestyle is viewed. With rise in remote work there is more talk about leading an efficient remote lifestyle and prioritizing health, safety has taken major precedence in everyday life. This drastic change has made its way to affect all segments of the population from the youth to the elderly, from the rich to the poor, people residing in remote areas to urbanities, to students and employees working remotely from home

Since the previous year: 2020, a lot has been done and a lot is still underway, steps being taken to mitigate the risks involved with the pandemic situation. Schools have transitioned from physical classrooms to virtual classrooms while the same is being practiced in the case of companies and organizations, where meeting rooms have been turned into virtual video conferencing platforms.

Although millions of people across the globe have access to the Covid-19 vaccines, which signals to greater hope, that these remedies will change human lives for the better but let’s be mindful of the simple fact that the worsening condition hasn’t been settled as news of the third wave of Covid-19  spreads like wildfire. As the pandemic affects the entire globe, let’s revisit some of the ways through which employees and employees alike can stay safe, avoid visiting physical spaces as well as physical content yet still retain productivity within their respective organizations. 

Given the current conditions, most of the day is spent at home meaning indoors. Which demands special measures to be taken to stay fit, healthy, and active throughout the day. With the dire need to bring an overall change to the daily routines, let’s equip you with a guide to working remotely on all the necessary information you need to make your day more productive and safe.

Activate Your Mind & Body While Remotely Working

Bringing discipline into the morning routine is a must. As you get up in the morning, don’t just open up your laptop or start scrolling your phone in an attempt to get the majority of the work done within the confines of your bed.  Think of this as an extension of the same routine, you were accustomed to following before the pandemic situation.

Start your day by making your bed, organize your things and get ready for a bright new day ahead. Before indulging in a healthy delicious breakfast, make sure to step outside in the open air. enjoy the clean fresh air, organize your thoughts, it’s always best to exercise or meditate for a couple of minutes, this will help you to exercise your mind before starting a productive day ahead. 

Few Simple Exercises To Follow 

  • Plank:

Find an empty space, enough for you to fully stretch. Use a yoga mat, or a carpet to protect your arms from the hard floor. Get into a straight position with your forearms on the mat or carpet in a parallel fashion and then finally push up the bodyweight using your forearms and your feet. Remember to keep your body straight for at least 1 minute.

  • Step-ups:

The best way to do this is using a staircase. Stand in front of the staircase, raise one foot as you use the other leg to stand up on the step and then immediately step backwards using the same leg. Repeat this routine at least 12 times and make sure to keep your back nice and straight. 

  • Free weights:

Make use of heavy objects that you can pack in your bags and use them as weights. There are a number of exercises that you can make use of within the confines of your home such as simple bicep curls to deadlifts. 

  • Skipping:

The ultimate stamina building cardio exercise, that might require a bit more space. A minute of skipping is the best way to stay in shape. 

Refuel Your Engine – Recharge Your Batteries – Enrich Remote Work

Once you’ve completed your morning exercise or yoga routine, it is time to refuel and energize your mind and body with a healthy nutritious meal, to keep the mind healthy and your body fit. Overeating and obesity issues have become quite common globally during the lockdown, so it is best to only consume foods that fall in the category of a healthy diet and that too in a controlled manner. 

The next step is to get down to remote WORK. Now working at full capacity, or concentration at home can sound like an impossible task. Well, you’ll be shocked to find out that major global corporations such as Twitter have announced the option to work from home forever for their employees after finding out the results this policy has to offer. 

Set It Up & Get Ready To Conquer

In order for you to remote work long hours productively, we suggest setting up a dedicated workspace.  What do we mean by a dedicated workspace? As we’ve mentioned earlier, working within the confines of your bed is bound to decrease productivity, creativity and will eventually trigger a yawn followed by the urge to straighten up your back and finally doze. So what you need is a remote working setup where you can work long hours with peace and concentration. 

To set up up a workspace at home, there is not much that you’ll require. A few good tips include a workable and sizable desk, an ergonomic office chair, access to power sockets, and a bunch of handy gadgets that qualify as the best technology for working remotely.

What type of gadgets do you ask? Well having a laptop that fits your job description for starters, meaning each laptop is designed for a specific purpose or role, equipped with distinctive unique specifications e.g. there are customized laptops for web developers, graphic designers, financial experts, and so on.

Choose one that meets your professional or personal needs. It depends on how you’re looking to use it, here are just a few examples of some of the leading laptops available in the market. A wireless mouse and quality headphones is a compulsion nowadays. A fast charger for your phone, an extension cable for all your battery and charging needs. Let’s look at some of the most commonly found gadgets available in the market: 

Apart from gadgets, the lighting of the space is crucial, use lights that aid in all your reading, writing efforts. Insufficient lighting along with too much screen time can result in digital strain on your eyes and has dire effects on people who work longer hours.  An adjustable standing desk can be a handy piece of furniture to have if you can’t sit on a chair for extensive amounts of time and don’t mind standing while working.

Once the work is done,  it’s time to give your eyes, mind, and body some rest. Be mindful of the fact that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and it is imperative that you take frequent breaks from all electronic devices to prevent digital strain.

The best way to do is, is to leave all your gadgets behind and head out to your nearest park, ensuring all the necessary Covid-19 precautions such as wearing a mask, pair of gloves, and keeping a hand sanitizer at all times. 15 to 20 minutes of leisure time is enough to relax your brain, you can either take a walk or just sit on an empty bench in the park and enjoy the fresh air.  

We hope this extensive guide on remote work lifestyle has helped you. The work culture is always evolving, and we as tech enthusiasts have to keep a lookout for what a new culture such as remote work can mean for someone. The rise of remote work will surely result in a direct rise in remote opportunities also. So being prepared for your dream job can result in endless possibilities.

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