Audio Gonna Get You – Apple Music Update

Ever wondered why most people can’t tell the difference between a full-size audio media file and a compressed one?

Apple recently announced lossless streaming and it made big headlines, many pointed out though; can people actually listen to this difference at all in audio quality? Well the answer for most people is no.

The reasons, well Perceptual Coding Techniques.

Uh fancy, I know – but here is the deal; people much smarter than you and I have figured out that the human brain cannot exactly absorb all the information presented to it. If there is an image, there are many colours your eyes cannot differentiate, if there is an audio track – many frequencies will be missed out by your ears. Unless you are someone who is quite adept in the specific field and know what to look for, it can basically be impossible to differentiate for most people. And that is why these coding techniques can help clear up precious space in your drives by getting rid of most of the stuff the average brain won’t be able to comprehend anyway. 

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This makes media shareable, enjoyable, and most of all convenient. That is not to say that lossless formats don’t have their value, they do, for the 1 person reading this with a 1000$ amp and what not. Even though Apple made headlines, most of their own audio output products won’t be able to play this lossless format simply due to bandwidth limitations, Bluetooth just isn’t fast enough on any device right now – so that tells you further this is basically a future-proofing feature. If you really care about your listening experience, just upgrade to a decent pair of headphones, that will do wonders for you rather than worrying about what file format you are listening to.

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