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iOS 15 Highlight – Putting Focus Back In Your Life

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So the focus in today’s post is on focus, the mode not the word. With the release of iOS 15, Apple is moving even more towards a customizable experience for its users. It is no surprise that Apple is yet again late when introducing a feature such as focus mode since Android skins have had that for years now; but as always there is a good reason for it – perfection. Apple only deems a feature releasable when they believe it is polished enough for a user to actually use it rather than being just another software gimmick.

We saw the same theory play out with last years release when Apple released its widget feature and everyone had a laugh about how they are a decade late to the feature. But now everyone is actually putting pressure on Android/Google to improve their default widgets because frankly speaking they just suck. Yeah yeah I know you can install apps to get better widgets, we are talking about the average consumer here, they won’t bother doing that.

So back to focusing on the focus mode (will not ever get tired of this), it is actually quite easily setup-able. You have your default modes like Work, Home, Sleep, and etc for the people who don’t want to bother taking hours setting it up; and then you have custom modes for people like me who would probably spend more time than required to perfect that notifications nirvana. I just am probably nay definitely stupid but I love micromanaging notifications, one of the reasons I love Android, that love now can be shared to iOS I suppose. Having a ringer and vibrate slider only isn’t good enough anymore in this day and age, you need more control over who dare disturbs you.

Apple is just getting better at being more customizable, and their popularity over the last few years shows it, even long time Android lovers are making the switch to iOS more than ever. Let’s just hope Apple keeps this focus (gotcha again).

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