Tesla Model S Plaid Event – Breaking Traditions

So the 2-second 0-100 kmph record-breaking Tesla Model S Plaid edition was rolled off this week and all I have to say about it is that; it is a bit overreaching now.

“It’ll just keep minimizing the amount of input that you need to do until the car just reads your mind,” Elon Musk.

This is where my problems with the new Tesla lie. Now being in Pakistan we already know that the electric future is decades away, to say the least. Our infrastructure is just not fit enough to fully utilize these vehicles on our roads. If someone buys a Tesla here, first of all, why? Second of all good luck not being able to use basically anything the car is known for. What is absurd is that this new Model S doesn’t even have a gear stick…. It will just ‘know’ when you want Drive or Reverse; imagine that in the Pakistani traffic scene or basically any street with no room. I do understand that you can still manually select gears by using the touch screen, yes touch screen – man this goes against every tradition. 

And that is what Tesla does I guess, I think of Tesla-like the Apple/iPhone of vehicles. Tesla wants to redefine the vehicle and I get that. We are all used to our slow and energy-hungry ICE vehicles but the future is all-electric no matter what anyone says. The only issue is that an iPhone costs nothing compared to a full-blown Tesla. When Siri or Apple Maps doesn’t work for me; that isn’t a big issue because I can still largely make use of the product – on the other hand, if I get a Model S, I basically can’t use most of the stuff and it is now even more inconvenient for someone who would want more control in their car. Tesla at the end of the day runs on software, software sees way more issues than hardware does; Let’s see if people agree on the loss of choice for easy gear selection – all I know is that Tesla is overstepping now because of their cult following, you can’t just treat the gear stick like the headphone jack.

Oh but the fun thing is that apparently, you can run CyberPunk 2077 on the car’s infotainment system? So theoretically speaking you can play a game about driving a tesla which will have a feature of playing games in the Tesla, right.

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