Windows 11 – The Broken Promises of Microsoft

Recently it was disclosed that Microsoft has killed off Windows 10X (the OS meant for tablets and similar devices) – to the surprise of many the UI from that has been implemented in the upcoming Windows 11, yupp the broken promises of Windows 10 being the last one. Now I am not sure if it will end up being called Windows 11 or not, but what is true so far is that Windows is gonna get a complete revamp to the UI. You get rounded corners, central menus, App pinning and java like iconography? The initial leaks look very promising to be honest and this could breathe much needed fresh air into the OS. 

Here is the rant though, Windows 10 was released roughly 5-6 years ago and still to this day, it is largely incomplete. Call MacOS/Apple whatever but it managed to revamp its whole architecture while enabling support for x86 without a hit to performance, something Microsoft can only dream about in its current state. And the reason is simple, lack of optimization. Microsoft is so annoyingly persistent in introducing new features that don’t work at all that they have forgotten to tie up loose ends from decades ago. Here is one example, the Control Panel – even though Microsoft will annoyingly want you to use its new Settings application to make any changes to the OS, you still will HAVE to open the Control Panel from time to time for digging into deeper settings, case and point ‘Advanced Microphone Settings’ (am sure the pandemic has introduced this to many). The Task Manager still looks out of place, the Device Manager sucks, Windows properties look like a wall of text and so much more. 

The thing is though, Windows is still my go-to platform and I still love the openness about it. But I do use Mac OS for my work and it enrages me when the stupidity of Windows becomes so obvious from time to time. Now, this new Windows? Which was never supposed to happen as 10 was to be the last one, what can I say. I really hope Microsoft cleans up its OS otherwise what is gonna happen is we are going to have 3 different UIs for various apps. No wonder many consumers are making the shift to MacOS and many power users are actually shifting to Linux. Please get it right this time Microsoft.

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