Xiaomi 200W Charger

Xiaomi demoed 200W fast charging for their phones being able to fully charge within 8 minutes and the media is going crazy with the headlines. I know I know, I am being part of the hype train too; but I am bored of this ‘innovation’ so to speak. Charging your phone faster in most cases will only cause it to heat up and the battery to get damaged overtime. That is just physics. Most phones don’t have active cooling and the heat discharge is bad for all the internal components. 

Secondly, there is the issue of compatibility, fast charging is still not a standardized feature; you will need to equip your phone with the charger it came with in order to achieve the marketed speeds (some brands aren’t even offering chargers anymore so good luck spending more to get the right charger). Lastly, I don’t know if I am biased or not – but leaving your phone to charge overnight is one of the best habits one can adopt; it helps you stay away from a screen and also the optimized charging in newer smartphones can make it so that your device battery lasts longer – added bonus if you use slow wireless charging for the process.

Apple’s iPhone came under fire for limiting their performance a while ago without telling the consumers, the result of which turned out to be great as now iPhones have battery optimization, monitoring and safety protocols in case of overheating. Apple has also actively hindered consumers from using fast chargers by not providing them in the box as they understand that it is bad for the device in the long run and that selling chargers is an excellent way to make profit. In all seriousness though from being laughable when it comes to long term battery life, the iPhone now honestly is one of the best battery phones due to its optimization – but sadly the competitors are not learning the very same lesson. Planned obsolescence is all the news these days and someone needs to step up to ask these brands to stop making your devices more disposable.

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