Right To Repair & Pakistan

Right to Repair is all the hype these days and I wanted to talk a bit about what isn’t covered by the blessed western influencers. 

First of all, I do want to make it clear that repairability should be allowed of any device, my stance is not against that matter. My stance is against the fact that everyone promoting the right to repair thinks that access to original parts is something that will be guaranteed everywhere.

Living in Pakistan, we already have experienced the ‘Genyon (Genuine)’ part syndrome. How can one ensure that if a device is repairable, the parts being replaced in it will be original and won’t hinder the product experience or brand image – case and point towards your GENYON battery replacement causing the phone to explode.

Being in the IT industry, I cannot count the countless times I have seen people get cheap repairs, destroy their product, and then complain about the brand being useless. On the other hand, I also have seen the peak in lack of customer service by basically every brand – if only they focus on opening a repair centre than releasing a phone every two weeks. Very few exceptions to this.

So for people who are invested deeply into the Right to Repair movement, please understand that the movement is for ease of repairability for PROFESSIONALS, do not support cheap labour and fake parts based repair – which is the reason why brands are tightening their hold to maintain their product quality-focused image in the first place.

Now I understand it can be downright impossible to know if you are getting original parts over here. Also, there is the issue of ever-evolving technology making repairs harder in general. This discussion is perhaps for another time. But for now, support the cause for the right reasons. Repairability should be available and should be regulated.

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