Why is My Battery Not Working?

Worried about what your iPhone's battery health should be? Well read this article to learn more about the myths, the facts, and the fiction

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Google Making Privacy Complicated

Google plans to release its privacy feature of letting users choose which app tracks them. Learn why this might not be the best move?

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The Growing Interest & Demand For eSports In Pakistan

eSports has been a popularly growing phenomenon worldwide with the advent of major gaming tournaments with massive prize pools. The gaming industry has also picked up pace through the rising demand mobile-games such as PUBG, COD Mobile etc. But what does the eSports ecosystem look like for Pakistan? It is a known fact that Pakistan has a lot of potential too with an ever growing population but how can that be used to our advantage? Let's find out….

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New WhatsApp Features & Encryption

Learn more about new features and support for multi-device for WhatsApp. Will it still keep End to End Encryption?

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