Google Making Privacy Complicated

Google plans to release its privacy feature of letting users choose which app tracks them. Learn why this might not be the best move?

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Xiaomi 200W Charger

Xiaomi has released a new 200W fast charger, learn more about why you shouldn't care about it.

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Is Dogecoin Here To Stay?

Cryptocurrencies have definitely picked up traction in recent times and continue to be the hottest and controversial topic across the globe. Dogecoin has been a part of the sensation but what are the other two biggest cryptocurrencies? We’ll take a closer look at all these pointers as well as how they’re different from one another. But most of all attempt to solve the biggest question circulating nowadays: Is Dogecoin here to stay?

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How Smart Cities are Transforming the Modern Lifestyle?

The 21st century continues to disrupt traditional industries and walks of life bringing more convenience and ease to the general public. Such innovation has also entered the realm of real estate globally - through the advent of Smart Cities that appeal to the needs of a modern lifestyle. From efficient transportation systems, waste disposals to features of smart security - Smart City has all that to offer and much more. In this blog post we cover what makes a smart city smart, what are some of the key features and examples of international like Dubai Oasis and local smart city projects like the Capital Smart City.

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Samsung in Pakistan

Do you have the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the best of its kind? Learn why Samsung in Pakistan is different than the Samsung in ads.

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