The World Had A S***** Day

Force Majeure
A well laid out section in every cheeky contract

‘unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract.’

– pandemic
– earthquakes
– floods
– world war?

Sorry, can’t deliver on our agreed-upon promise because THE WORLD is having a shitty day.

But let’s flip the script

Let’s talk about your life — think for a moment

What is the number one reason that prevents you to take high risks?
Or better yet
What do you fear the most?

“Circumstances that you cannot control”

There is a solution –

Name your fears, list them down, and you will realize
Most fears are not based in reality

Don’t believe me? Do the exercise here:

A very valuable tool well laid out by Tim

What I realized in my attempt was the fact,
Why just ‘Force Majeure’ a contract,
Why not have a ‘Force Majeure’ to your life and ambitions?

1 — Go out there
2 — Try your best
3 — Learn and Iterate
4 — Repeat

And you will outperform

And if you don’t

Hey well — it’s Force Majeure

Keep trying!