Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not

I came across this video about a year ago by Max Klymenko:

It just hits you in the feels

You do your best
You learn the most
You work the hardest

And still, deep down, a lingering feeling is always there

“You know you will never make it as big being born here”

What do most people do?
Leave here, go somewhere where they can climb twice as fast with half as effort

Is that the solution?
Of course not, if the capable and willing among us get up and leave, the future for all opportunities just goes downhill

For a very long time, I struggled with the question of trying to reach for the highest goalpost

This should not be the goal

We do not exist to maximize success
We exist to serve a purpose

Being the best, being here, might be close to impossible
Aiming high serves a greater vision than a number in your bank account