Your Experience is Forever

I despise Managers, Seniors, Leaders, and Domain experts

Or I Used to

Having founded relative hyper success in my career very early on

My mindset used to be “Why can’t a 28-year-old be a director of the company”

I mean, if you work hard enough, gather enough knowledge, and have strong passion — then why not should everyone go around hiring you as their next VP or Director?

I absolutely hated the idea that you need ‘insert number of years of experience’ for certain positions

Does it even matter?

Well Yes and No

Having been exposed to 10+ companies and their inner workings in the last couple of years, my mindset has evolved, hopefully for the better

Yes there are roles where ‘a number of years’ should not be the concern


If you are going to lead people, you need to have been in the trenches

See, people problems are the biggest kind of challenges, for enterprises, for products, for startups

Books can only take you so far, you need action

You can’t speed up the process of gathering knowledge and experience, you can’t read two books in parallel

As time goes by, you realize, the biggest asset you have over someone younger is knowledge and wisdom

There are only 24 hours a day, if I spend them wisely, I just do better

Now if I see a domain expert, a leader, a director, or just someone who is doing well –

  • I sit with them
  • I try to extract liquid gold
  • I listen to their experiences

and build my own path

Before you know it
You will be free of envy
You will understand why experience matters

As you grow older
You don’t become right
You just become less wrong